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Autumn is the most active cat ever! She can play all day. She does tend to bite and scratch a LOT when playing! She get's along great with her foster's 2 older cats. It took about a week to get acclimated, but she was NOT giving up on being friends with them.
Autumn loves to play hide and seek with her foster, too. Her foster mom will run after her and she hides. When she's found by her foster mom, Autumn runs after her. So cute! When Autumn does calm down she loves to cuddle. Autumn has had no accidents with the litter box. She eats both wet and dry food. Her foster mom tells us that when she is misbehaving, Autumn is put in her foster's shirt, with her head peaking out the collar as a time out. She will stay there while her foster does stuff around the house. Too darn cute! She loves her scarecrow toys. They start at the top of the stairs and she knocks them all the way down. She then tries to bring them back up. Autumn will be ready for adoption in a few weeks!

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