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Cashew & Butternut (bonded pair)

This bonded bro duo is looking for their forever home together. They have endured a lot together which has made their bond quite inseparable. Although fostered in a home with many other cats and dogs of all sizes, these boys never have a meal, nap, or wrestling match without one another. They truly are the cutest brother duo there is.
Both handsome carrot tops, these two couldn’t be more different. The ying and yang of the kitten world- Cashew is the spunky brother. If there is a new closet door opened, he’s first to explore. If new animal friends come to visit, he’s the director of the meet & greet squad. He’s incredibly outgoing and his energy is contagious.
Butternut aka Big Boy is your mellow boy. He’s really hoping you take a break from the laundry so he can join you for an episode of Reba or Yellowstone while chillaxin on the couch. He’s got this handsome linebacker stroll but I think he’d pass up football any day to have a snack and snuggle party with him hooman (yes, that’s how he’d pronounce it if he spoke. He has this funny trait where he talks/meows as if the corners of his mouth are glued shut and it makes his sounds come out extra cute. Absolutely one of my favorite things about this sweet boy).
Although drastically different, one thing this duo has in common is how incredibly affectionate and lovey they are. They don’t even fight the kisses anymore (they know they cannot win) and Butternut has even surrendered to the smooches and closes his eyes in that forced shut look which is again, one of the things that makes the boy just so darn perfect.
These boys not only need a home together but more importantly, they need a home ready and willing to love on them because of their incredibly outgoing personalities and their true enjoyment with human interaction. Their foster mom lets them sleep with her at night and they’re crossing all their paws that their forever home will make room for them in bed too! They love toys and cat towers and they go crazy for temptation cat treats (often reminding their foster mom it’s treat time if they sense it’s getting late and they haven’t had their share yet for the day) Fostered in a home with both big and little dogs, Cashew has especially taken to his chihuahua/corgi foster dog sister and both boys would love on a crocodile if it would let them.

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