Everyone meet Greta! This sweet girl is looking for a furever home 🙂 Ever hear of the Nickelodeon show Catdog? If so, great. If not, that’s OK too. Long story short, this is a dog stuck in a cat body. Ever want a cat but worried they will be too independent? If so, Greta is your girl. Her love for her human will either be the make or break for this sweet girl- she is constantly needing to be with her human and if you happen to leave the room, she’s going to remind you ever so kindly that you must have forgotten her. Eye sight at all times with this baby- it’s actually quite flattering if you really think about. While most cats give you the stiff arm when you go in for a smooch, little Greta girl is two steps ahead all puckered up waiting for it. Greta is fostered in a home with lots of other cats of various ages and sizes and she does quite well finding her fit amongst all of the fun. Greta enjoys toys, but not more than her human, but will settle for toys when that’s her only option. She has high energy and enjoys playing with the other kittens but her absolute favorite thing of all is hydrating directly from the faucet. I actually think she’s quite fond of the trick and she asks that you let her get in a drink every opportunity. (Sometimes waiting by the sink justtttt in case). Greta is a bit of a picky eater and we have yet to find a wet food that she can’t live without however she has a hearty appetite with dry kibble. Greta loves nothing more than to be held by her human and she’s really hoping she can find a human she won’t have to share with so many cats soon. Greta is high energy and would benefit from having a feline buddy to keep her company during the day or whenever her humans are out. Remember though, Greta = Catdog. Her absolute favorite thing in the world is being loved by a human. Are you Greta’s human? Apply through Facilitate Rescue! Greta can’t wait to meet you!