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After spending a majority of my young kitten life in the shelter, I am understandably on the shy side. In fact, I am the shyest of my siblings, Padme and Darth, most likely I was the runt of the litter. When I first came to my foster mom, I kept my tail tucked and stayed under the couch. While my tail is more relaxed, I still keep my distance from my foster mom, but I always keep a very watchful eye on her. When my foster mom brings out the laser light or the feather toy, I can not resist and will join my siblings. I know when breakfast will be served and now wait by the door with my siblings. I will sniff my foster mom's hand. But, its still scary if her hand comes any closer. Baby Steps. I just need the right human. You know, one that feels a special connection between us, like it was meant to be. Plus,it doesn't hurt that I am a cute little teenager!

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