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Honey is a brave and resilient kitty who protected her unborn babies while living as a stray near busy roads and coyotes. Once in the care of her foster, Honey had a sigh of relief, she was safe, fed, and loved. She would lay in the lap of her foster Mom, seeking the affection she had been missing. Once her babies were born, Honey cared for each and everyone with the utmost of motherly love. She had five healthy babies: Bit O’ Honey, Dippin’ Dot, Cookie, Taffy, and Sprinkles. Honey has enjoyed motherhood and now hopes to continue the good life with a loving human. Honey would do best as your one and only, but would also do very well if adopted with one of her babies. She loves to play with them because she is also a young kitty herself. Plenty of kitten energy can be found in Honey, she loves to have conversations with you and even likes to be held, too. But give her a sunny window and a perch and you’ll love knowing that even though the odds were against her, you were able to give the home and love she greatly deserves.

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