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Meet Jim.
He is so handsome you wouldn't know he had a hard beginning. Jim has been a part of the feral community in our neighborhood. He showed up on our doorstep with other feral cats last spring. We began TNR.
After he returned from his visit to the clinic he became much more social. He began to sit beside me on the warm summer nights but didn't want to be picked up. He was still shy. Another cat in the colony began picking on him and Jim left for a while. I didn't see him for several weeks. He came back! I coaxed him into the house and that was the end! You would never know Jim lived outside his entire life. He immediately snuggled with me and didn't want to leave my side. Unfortunately, while Jim was away he was injured. He has been to the vet, and the wound on his leg is healing and the scratch on his eye will be better soon. He is ready for his forever home! Jim will be the perfect house cat. He shows no interest in going back outside and he is the very best office buddy! He is sweet and loves cuddles.

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