Jinx & Jett

This adorable duo is Jinx (siamese, female) and Jett (black, male)! These two are the full package- equally adorable as they are loving. These two were the lucky ones saved from living outside in a busy area in Raleigh. They are quite attached and are looking for a home together. Jinx and Jett are the most snuggly kittens there are and are guaranteed to find your lap moments after you sit. They can make themselves comfortable almost anywhere but clearly prefer being with their human. They enjoy any and all toys and are some of the bravest little Tikes around. They are fostered in a home with lots of other feline friends (have yet to meet an energy) and fostered with dogs of all sizes (and although their foster mom tries to keep them separate because of their petite size, these two refuse to accept that and love venturing out to the dogs to say hello) Jinx and Jet have the loudest purr machines that go nonstop. These two really are the full package. Don’t miss this ying-yang duo