Meet June! Aka JuneBug! This little lady was found all alone in Raleigh- it’s amazing how this petite little thing managed on her own and somehow found her way into our hearts by pure luck and determination on her end. Smallest of all the kittens, well beyond her years. I can’t help but believe that her start at life has molded her into the cool, calm, collected little lady she already is. June enjoys toys, especially ones she can hold in her mouth and carry around with her. She loves food, but never forgets she’s a lady and eats with only the most proper etiquette- the only time she makes a mess is when her feline buddies drop food on her head eating like little piggies- but not June. She’s the bestest girl. She enjoys playing with her foster family but understands that sometimes they forget just how tiny she is- June is very good at letting them know they are being too rough and taking a seat on the sidelines to rest up. June loves propping up on the window and watching the world outside (from the comfort and safety on her home and soft bed). June has the cutest way of getting in the smallest little ball on your lap and letting out the biggest sigh of thanks, with her big eyes that just suck you in.