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Mallory is a sweet and devoted three-year-old diluted tortie who's ready to embark on her next adventure: finding her forever home! She recently finished her amazing stint as a loving and attentive mom to her adorable kittens, who have found loving families of their own. While she's a little wistful as her babies grow up, Mallory's heart is now open to turning her affection on her new human companions.
Mallory is a gentle soul, known for her quiet demeanor and laid-back attitude. She loves attention will be frequently be right there by your side, offering silent companionship and unconditional love. Although Mallory hasn't had the chance to mingle with dogs, her calm and easygoing nature suggests she could adjust well to a quiet and reserved canine companion. And while she's perfectly content as the sole apple of your eye, Mallory wouldn't mind sharing her kingdom with another feline friend who matches her gentle disposition.
If you're ready to welcome Mallory into your heart and home, reach out to Facilitate Rescue ( for more information on this delightful feline. Mallory is eagerly awaiting the chance to become the cherished member of a loving family, and with her affectionate nature and serene presence, she's sure to bring joy and comfort to her forever home.

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