Meet Miss Nora! Are you looking for a cat companion without having to go through the kitten stage, a cat who has great litter box habits and house manners. All Nora needs is to be shown that she is loved and can trust her human. She will repay you with love. Nora was someone's cat, not sure is she was lost or abandoned, but after 2 months of sitting in the shelter, no one came to claim her. She was depressed, stopped eating and lost 4 pounds. She was checked out by the vet and after a bloodwork panel was done, nothing was found physically wrong with her. After a few days with me, she was finally enticed by some rotisserie chicken and discovered she could trust me. She now is eating well, she eats some pate in the morning and will munch on some kibble during the day. She loves to sit next to me and will climb on my lap for some petting. I did try to introduce Nora to my residents cats, while no hissing tor growling, she was apparently very scared. She crawled up and into a couch and laid in there all night. The last thing I wanted was for her to stop eating again. So, Nora has her own room. For this reason, what Nora would need and thrive in is an only pet household. She would be perfect for her person to show her the patience and love she so much deserves and needs. Are you Nora's person?