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Smokey is a very sweet and protective boy.

When he was rescued, a few of the cats he was living outside with came to stay with me before going to other fosters, and he spent all of his time cuddled up with them. When I tried to give some of the girls their medicine, he laid on top of them to try and keep them safe since he thought I was going to mess with them!

He spends a lot of his time curled up in the bathroom sink so he can be close to his pal he is being fostered with, Buster, who likes to hide in the bathroom. He definitely is a caring boy! He gives me no trouble when I give him his medicine and eats squeeze treats right from my hand. He likes pets but is still a bit too shy to come up to anyone himself. I know once he warms up with his family he will be a loving and protective buddy to his new family and any fellow kitty friends he may have!

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