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Thomas & Kitty (bonded pair)

Thomas and Kitty are beautiful long haired, gray and white kitties. This brother and sister duo has lost their owner and are looking for a new forever home together. They have adjusted very well to their new foster home and have been great guests!

They are so calm and sweet, curious to explore and enjoy attention. They will talk to you if their food "runs out" or the water gets low. Both are pretty good with being brushed and having their nails trimmed.

Thomas is FIV+. This means he may be prone to a variety of common diseases, there are no specific symptoms for FIV cats. An FIV positive cat may be more prone to chronic respiratory infections, skin problems, mouth inflammation and certain types of tumors, but there's no definitive rule.

From The American Humane Society: Cats with FIV often have similar life spans to cats without it: Studies conducted in 2010 and 2022 found that an FIV diagnosis wasn't associated with decreased lifespans. In fact, cats can remain asymptomatic for years or even their entire lives.

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