Hi, I'm Willa, a sweet and spunky little lady! I am smart and curious and I have so much love to give. My love languages are quality time and physical touch. I like to sit on my foster mom's chest to purr, nap, get kisses, or watch her phone. I always make sure my mom gets plenty of grooming and little kisses. I make the cutest little chirping noise to say hello or when I jump and play. And, boy do I love to play! My little motor gets wound up a few times a day. I like to dart around the room, take flying leaps, and play with my avocado. I love my avocado. My foster mom gave it to me and it's my favorite toy. There is already a spot waiting for it in my suitcase to take with me to my forever home. I'm very good at setting boundaries and giving a heads up when I don't like something - you just have to pay attention. It might take a moment to warm up to someone new but once i do, it will be all bread making and kisses from me!