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Facilitate Rescue Inc. Adoption Application 



  1. Please be sure all your contact information is correct. If you don’t get an acknowledgement that your application was received within 24 hours, please email us. Our process usually only takes 24 – 48 hours to complete. 

  2. Be sure you give us correct information for your current vet or the practice where your pet’s records are located. We believe STRONGLY that all cats should have a yearly vet visit even if they never go outside, and we will complete a vet check.

  3. Very young children and very small kittens do not mix. The kitten or your child can be easily hurt, so keep in mind that kittens under 4 months old should be with children at least 7 years old.  We consider each case individually but in general this is our policy.

  4. Young kittens do not do well alone.  We prefer that kittens under 4 months go with a friend unless you have another cat in the home for them to interact with. 

  5. Our cats and kittens are rescued from high kill shelters, and we operate solely through donations and fundraising.  The adoption fees do not begin to cover the expense of the actual care we have provided to every cat or kitten. 

Indicate Employment status below
Have you had a cat?
I will use scratching posts
I will use soft paws
I plan to declaw the cat
I will allow the cat access to outdoors
We may require a home visit before the adoption becomes permanent. Is this acceptable to you?

Thank you for submitting the application.The Rescue will contact you soon!

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