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Fosters are the most important part of our rescue. Our goal is to get cats out of the Harnett County Shelter and get them healthy and socialized so they can be adopted.  We need fosters in order to do that!

Fostering is a big responsibility and we ask that you consider the following before committing to foster. Please understand that by fostering you are committing to care for a living breathing animal. Many of the cats that come to our rescue are timid or have behavioral issues after being neglected or being in a shelter. We need fosters who are willing to take these animals into their homes and give them the time and love they need to become playful and happy animals! Additionally, as shelters are unhealthy environments we cannot guarantee the health of our foster animals. We always try to test them for serious conditions prior to putting them in a foster home. However, they often leave the shelter with colds, eye infections, or diarrhea, which of course we will treat. 

Below are some FAQs about fostering as well as a link to our foster application. 

Where do foster cats come from?  

Our foster cats are nearly all cats brought to the Harnett Shelter or brought in by animal control. Some are owner surrenders or strays. The cats need to go into foster care to get them out of the shelter (which can be an unhealthy environment and lead to lots of stress for the cats). Some cats need extra socialization or time to get healthy before being adopted. 

​How does FRI find an adoptor for my foster cat? 

We always do our best to find local adopters, but there are simply not enough adopters in the area for all of our cats. We have relationships with rescue organizations in other states. We transport cats, often multiple times per month, to these rescues so they can get adopted. All of these rescues are heavily vetted and are entirely no kill. They share our values or we will not send our cats to them. Our fosters are a great resource! If you know of someone interested in adopting or you know of a way to advertise/reach potential adopters please reach out to us! 

How long do cats stay in foster care? 

Our fosters have kittens anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on how quickly we get them adopted as well as their health status. Cats who need further socialization or small kittens who need to nurse or bottle feed to get stronger may stay with you for several months.  

What will fostering a cat require?  

Fosters need to be able to: 

  • Provide a healthy and safe environment for foster cats

  • Provide socialization, cuddle time and play time 

  • Provide food and litter (if cost is an issue, we can help) 

Facilitate Rescue will provide funds for all medical bills. 

How much time do I need to spend with my foster cat? 

As much time as you can.  The amount of time needed will vary depending on the energy level and needs of the cat you are fostering. Ideally, you can spend some time each day socializing and playing with your foster cat. 

When is my foster cat ready for adoption? 

Foster cats are ready for adoption once they are socialized, healthy and fixed. If the cat is too young to be fixed, we have a foster-to-adopt program to ensure the cat does get spayed or neutered. 

Can I let my foster cat play with my other pets?

We ask that you keep your foster cat away from other pets for at least 2 weeks after being pulled from the shelter. This is for the protection of all animals involved. Your foster cat will be vaccinated and tested for serious illness prior to leaving the shelter, but many cats leave with diarrhea or URIs, which we do not want to be transmitted to other animals. Additionally, being in a shelter is very stressful and this will give the foster cat some time to adjust. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem? 

Once your foster application has been approved you will be added to a facebook group for all of our fosters. You will also be assigned a member of our board as your primary contact, along with a backup. That person will be your go to for any questions or concerns. You can also always contact us via our email at

What if my foster cat is not working out? 

We always try to fit our foster cats to fosters. However, in some situations, it doesn’t work out. If this is the case we will do our best to find your kitty another home as quickly as possible 

What if I think my foster cat is sick? 

Please contact us immediately if you have concerns about the health of your foster. We will arrange for vet services if needed. 

Foster Application 

Please download the foster application below or follow the link to submit your application online. 

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