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Foster to Adopt Agreement

This agreement is to allow a potential adopter, having paid the full adoption fee, to begin to bond with their new kitten, in their home, once the mother cat has weaned the kitten and the kitten is on solid food and water, until the kitten is of proper weight and age to be spayed or neutered at the Veterinarian choice of FRI. Determination of when to spay/neuter is up to the medical coordinator of FRI. Once the spay or neuter is completed and the kitten is determined recovered the kitten will then be able to be adopted by the foster/adopter and released from FRI after an additional adoption contract is fully completed.

Please read the below carefully. 

1. OWNERSHIP. I understand that animals by law are considered “property” and as such my foster pet is “owned” by FRI at all times until a legal, binding contract for the adoption of the animal is completed. I agree that I will relinquish possession to FRI immediately upon request by an FRI coordinator

2. RISKS. I understand that a young cat or kitten may not be old enough to be rabies vaccinated & working with a stray animal carries a risk of exposure to rabies & zoonotic diseases. I agree to maintain my foster pet in areas separate from my own pets. If I opt to integrate my fosters with any other pets, I understand that I alone will be responsible for any damages or costs for services or treatment resulting from the integration

3. MOVING FOSTERS.  I understand that I am responsible for care of my foster and agree that I will not allow another person to care for or have custody of my foster unless I have obtained permission from my FRI coordinator. 

4. SUPERVISION. I agree to closely supervise my foster pets during any interaction with children (my own included) and to supervise children in my foster areas to reduce the chances of mutual harm.

5. AT-HOME VISITS. I agree to allow an FRI coordinator to visit my home prior to placing pets with me and to allow scheduled visits on short notice. I recognize that FRI may require that I make changes relating to the care of my fosters to enable me to better care for my foster pets

6. PROPER CARE & SUPPLIES. I agree that my foster cat will be kept inside only. I agree to provide regular access to adequate fresh food and water and clean litterboxes. I am responsible for supplying food and litter. I will provide clean litter boxes (scooped daily) for my foster. I will transport my foster in an animal carrying cage personally purchased and manufactured for this use in order to make sure that they are safe.  I will notify my coordinator IMMEDIATELY in the event of potential health issues eg sneezing, coughing, red/watery eyes, weight loss, diarrhea, failure to eat for more than one 24-hour period.

7. MEDICAL CARE. I agree to maintain my foster pet’s medical status as instructed by FRI’s vet as communicated to me by my coordinator. I agree to attend clinics, vet appointments and spay day as instructed by my coordinator. I understand that I alone am responsible for the cost of any care my foster receives that has not been expressly approved by my coordinator. I will see to it that the veterinarian’s instructions are followed, including the proper storage and administration of medication.  

8. PROPER CONDUCT. I acknowledge that as an approved foster home I must set an example at all times for other volunteers. I recognize the importance of a good public image for FRI and will never willingly compromise our standards. I agree to treat my fellow volunteers with the respect they deserve.

9. ADOPTION OF FOSTERS. I understand that as a Foster/Adopt I still must go through the normal channels, i.e. fill out applications, interview with a trained counselor, be approved as a match for the foster, pay the fee, complete a contract.

Application successfully submitted. Thank you!

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