Meet Piper! Sure Piper is as cute as they come but she is also one of the funniest girls around. She LOVES a game of chase with her buddies but often times doesn’t know if she’s the one chasing or being chased. Her energy and silliness is contagious- you can’t help but look at her and just smile. She’s the innocent shy girl and unknowing class clown all in one. Piper loves to snuggle up after a long day of cat tower parkour but she still likes to maintain the cool girl independence. It’s not uncommon for Piper to get herself in a pickle (like climbing up the activity wall to the hammock without a plan of how exactly she’s going to get down) and when you go to assist her, she looks back right before she runs off saying “thanks for the help mom but I had that. I’m a big girl”. Piper is a sweet, playful soul. Piper will need a feline buddy to grow up with- she’s crossing her paws that maybe, just maybe you will also fall in love with one of her foster pals!