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Hello! I'm Ava and I like playing peek-a-boo! I will be your companion and your cuddle buddy! I've always had the company of my brother, Simon, and I would love another kitty to hang out with.


Hear me MEOW! I'm super playful and adventurous, but will let you cuddle me sometimes. I've always been with my sister, Ava, so I would love another kitty to play with!


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Coming soon!

French Fry

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Swiss Roll

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Eevee is a young adult who would love a close companion. Curious about new things and willing to explore. She's an odd color mix of calico and tabby. Such a pretty girl. Loves toys with bells and feathers. Does well with other cats but not dogs.


Umbreon is a big personality girl, in an itty bitty body. Toys that make sounds are her favorite. Will play hard but wants to settle in your lap for nap time. Does really well with other animals, would love a playmate!


Espeon is such a gentle boy. Loves to play and follow you around for attention, but mostly to cuddle in your lap. Does well with other kitties and would ideally prefer a playmate!


Just like her sister, Tiger, she is super sweet and loves attention and pets. Also playing in a cat tree and with other kittens. She is ok with dogs.


Sweet and lovable. Very content being loved on, and her purr tells you so. Loves the cat tree and playing. She gets along with older cats. She is fine with dogs.