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Puma is the real deal, just look at him jump! He's a playful and affectionate kitty, about 6 years old. He enjoys feather wand toys and head scratches. You can visit him in Fuquay Varina Petsmart!


Dori is a sweet and calm young adult with a unique tabico coloring. You can visit her in Fuquay Varina Petsmart!


Macaroon is a stunning ginger girl with a calm and sweet soul. She loves her mama more than anything, but gets along well with her siblings and older kids. She is a master climber, but she doesn’t like to cause much trouble. Her favorite activity is sitting on a quiet lap by a window with a nice view.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is a big, handsome boy with stunning tabby markings and big grayish teal eyes. He is the perfect combination of lap cat and adventure buddy. He lives for belly rubs and breakfast time, and he gets along well with kids over 5, dogs and other cats. He has a submissive but confident personality to go along with his giant paws.

Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Raisin is the littlest of the litter, but he makes up for it with more personality than one cat has ever had. He is extremely social with people, but prefers children over the age of 5. He will greet you at the door and follow you around the house, trying to help with whatever you’re doing. He loves his siblings and gets along well with other cats, but I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s human.


Shortbread is a blondie with all the personality. She is incredibly social and smart, getting along with other cats, dogs and kids of all ages. She loves to climb and explore everything around her.


Biscotti is a little mama with a big heart. She has spent the last 11 weeks fully dedicated to her beautiful babies, but she loves nothing more than a good snuggle and neck scratches after a few minutes to warm up and settle in. She is cautious but loves attention. Biscotti is great with other cats and kids over age 6.


Slash born 03/27/24 slash was born with 5 siblings but the mother was killed and our nursing mothers took 3 of the babies. Slash is one of them. He loves to climb on your back if your on the floor cleaning something, he’s quick to climb you pants if you are getting dinner ready. But Slash is also quick to be the first in line to climb in your lap for a nap. He loves to wrestle with his siblings. He has the best face too, he perfect triangle in the middle of his sweet face. His eyes are blue now but they will be changing as he ages. But for now those blue eyes will steal your heart!


This boy is very sweet, he does hide a lot but when he wants attention he will let you know. He would do good with older kids, I’m afraid if a younger child like under 7 he would just try to get away and will scratch them. He will let you know when he wants cuddles.


Cash born 03/23/24 he is a very fluffy VERY cuddly little boy. He LOVES attention and snuggles. He’s always there when you clean the litter box. He loves to watch you do anything really. He stands very close and admires what you do. I believe he will have long hair and he is much larger than his litter mates. Cash is a favorite of mine and has such an amazing personality I can’t wait to see him grow and have an amazing family one day


He is always sleeping, he loves to cuddle with his brothers and sisters. Playing is a major part of his day. He loves toys. He does cuddle when he wants to. He’s a sweet boy for sure and will make the perfect addition to someone’s home. Logan and Riley look a lot alike and we have to keep a collar on Logan so we know which kitten is which!


Riley born 3/23/24 Riley has a brother that looks identical to him, we have to keep a collar on one of the boys so we can tell them apart. But Riley is always on the go! He loves to hide then jump out and get scare you. He is always ready to play.

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